Trademarks are among intellectual property rights and their critical importance makes them indispensable for firms. Thanks to trademarks, it is so easy to understand which goods or services belong to which entity everywhere in the word so that the reputation management is secured. The importance of branding, one of the most important elements of commercial life, is increasing day by day all over the world.
Bozoğlu – İzgi offers a broad range of services in the field of trademarks just like the other areas of intellectual property law. The fact that it has been active in this field for long years has led it to build a profound experience, which helps it offer consultancy services to many well-known national and international companies. The customized and high-quality services it provides in all the processes followed ensure that it is a preferred law firm in the field of trademarks as in other areas of practice.
Accordingly, thanks to its vast knowledge in the intellectual property law, Bozoğlu – İzgi represents its clients before the Turkish Patent and Trade Mark Agency as well as courts.
Services in the trademark area include analyses of trademarks picked by its clients, monitoring trademark applications, execution of agreements such as license, co-existence or assignment for trademark rights and participation in negotiations.
In particular, extensive legal services below are offered to national and international clients in the trademark area:

✓ Trademark research,
✓ Risk assessment about trademark operations,
✓ Opinion as to whether the trademark may be registered,
✓ Trademark registration application and follow-up,
✓ Opposition to trademark publication,
✓ Drafting dissenting opinion petitions in opposition to trademark publications,
✓ Opposing to Turkish Patent and Trademark Agency decisions,
✓ Legal acts related to trademark (such as licenses, transfers),
✓ Trademark renewal,
✓ Application for well-known trademarks,
✓ Trademark cancellation litigations,
✓ Litigations on account of infringement of trademark rights.