Tax & Customs Law

What is Tax Law?

Tax Law regulates the mutual rights and obligations arising from the tax relationship between the state and real and legal persons within the legal framework.

What is Customs Law?

Customs refers to the control of commodity and goods entering and leaving the country by the state. Customs law refers to the branch of law that regulates the rules regarding inspection and provides resolution of disputes.

Our Services Regarding Tax and Customs Law

Bozoğlu İzgi provides a whole range of legal consultancy services for its local and international clients in the area of tax law and customs law. We support our clients starting from the first day of tax audits and ending on the conclusion stage.

Bozoğlu İzgi settles tax or customs disputes in a peaceful way (pre- or post-assessment repentance and conciliation, etc.). We represent our clients before court in tax litigations and conduct administrative and judicial processes arising from customs disputes. We handle criminal investigations and prosecutions before courts regarding tax law.