As Bozoglu - Izgi Attorney Partnership, we have adopted principles to uphold in our relations with our clients and within our partnership while performing our profession. Always considering the rule of law, we are committed to operating in the following principles in our services that we provide to our clients and we want our clients and business partners to be aware of these principles while working with us.

  1. Client-Oriented Service
  • We are aware that providing a quality service requires understanding our clients' business organization and the industry in which they operate, as well as having legal knowledge and perspective.
  • It is a priority for us to offer accurate solutions for our clients due to our sectoral experience.
  • Considering that our clients' needs and solutions are different from each other, we give utmost importance to providing personalized advice.
  • We are aware that efficiency in managing costs and services is an indispensable aspect of maintaining sustainable relations with our clients.
  • Driven by our client-oriented approach, it is among our primary targets to be a partnership that can be reached at any time when it comes to legal necessities.
  • Knowing the value of our clients' time, we take care to work in the most effective way in order to respond the urgent solution needs of corporate life.
  1. Equal and Quality Service
  • As a partnership valuing the equal and quality service principle, we aim to grow together with our clients.
  • We adopt a fair and equitable approach to our clients without any discrimination in terms of the quality of service.
  • We consider the principle of providing equal and quality service at every stage of our relations with our clients and services we provide.
  • Our leading principle is to ensure the diligent and timely provision of services by using all of our resources, through our team that emphasizes quality first and our partners who are experienced in organizing and delegating tasks.
  1. Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
  • As a team with belief in the rule of law and a close eye on global trends, we are aware that anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices are an indispensable component in achieving sustainable commerce.
  • We are an active member of national and international leading communities, with the awareness that we need to take responsibility to make sure that the understanding of anti-bribery and anti-corruption is established.
  • Supporting the establishment and operation of accurate and necessary legal protection mechanisms for regulatory compliance, while also considering client sensitivities, is a priority for us.
  1. Information Security and Confidentiality
  • Ensuring the security and confidentiality of information is one of our leading principles, considering the importance of our business and relations with our clients.
  • It is our team’s responsibility to take every precaution to maintain the effective use, integrity and confidentiality of the information that we receive due to the services we provide.
  • We are aware that our responsibility to protect the security and confidentiality of information also covers our potential clients and will continue after our relations with clients have ended.
  • We utilize technological opportunities, being aware of the importance of having the necessary technical equipment to ensure information security and confidentiality.
  1. Preventing Conflicts of Interest
  • In accordance with our client-oriented service principle, we prioritize the interests of our clients at every stage of the service we provide.
  • We acknowledge that the source of our principle to prioritize client interest is the ethical principles of our partnership, as well as our professional obligations.
  • When it comes to conflicts of interest between our clients, we know that the issue is extremely sensitive, and we aim to resolve the conflict in a way that will be preferable for all parties by taking into consideration our confidentiality principle.
  1. Transparency and Integrity
  • We are aware how important it is to be transparent and accountable in our services and client relations.
  • We are aware that the principle of transparency and integrity is a key factor in establishing and maintaining long term relations with our clients.
  • Our partnership, in its aim to be a dependable business partner in all areas, emphasizes the principle of ensuring transparency at every stage of the services it provides and does not compromise from truthfulness under any circumstances.
  1. Preventive Law and Alternative Solutions
  • We aim to provide quick solutions to the specific needs of our clients and to use methods that will be beneficial to our clients in this process.
  • In all solutions we design with our sectoral experience and multidisciplinary perspective, we stress preventing disputes, as well as resolving them.
  • We place importance on providing preventive legal services to our clients by conducting risk audits of potential disputes, taking advantage of our previous experiences and providing time and cost management forecasts.
  • Owing to our partners who are experts also in non-litigation dispute resolution and our experienced team, we take care to guide our clients in the most beneficial way to resolve their current disputes with our knowledge and experience on alternative solutions.
  1. Innovation and Development
  • Considering the dynamic characteristics of law, we adapt ourselves to innovations as quickly as possible by keeping up with both national and global developments and changes.
  • Considering the interaction between law and all other sectors, we inform our clients about developments and changes in line with their needs.
  • Acknowledging that continuous development is the key factor to provide quality service to our clients, it is one of our primary goals to continuously improve the competencies of our team.
  • In our partnership, where we strive create a fair, sustainable and sincere working environment for our team, we aim to improve our team’s skills continuously by organizing regular trainings, creating performance targets and encouraging participation in external trainings.
  1. Awareness
  • We are aware that it is our human duty to use our legal knowledge and skills in a way that will be beneficial to our society and the environment.
  • We try to provide all necessary support to associations, foundations and non-governmental organizations operating for the benefit of society and environment, as well as disadvantaged groups in the community.
  • As lawyers aware that the rule of law and legal certainty are the most important condition of a society’s ability to continue in prosperity, we aim to take all responsibility for the protection of the principles of law and a sustainable society.
Best regards,  
Bozoğlu İzgi Attorney Partnership