What is a Patent?

A patent is a recognized industrial property right to legally protect inventions. The provisions regarding patent issues are regulated in the Article 81 and the following articles of Industrial Property Law numbered 6769.

The Importance of Getting a Patent 

Patent rights eligible to protection under the Industrial Property Law no. 6769 secures the rights of an inventor over his invention or innovation in case it is novel, has inventive step and is applicable to the industry. The inventor is the rightful owner of the said product or invention thanks to the protection provided by the patent rights and it may monopolize sales, reproduction and marketing rights. Due to patent rights, the inventor is hailed as the sole rightful owner for the exclusive sales for the reproduction and marketing of the invention or the product during the protection period as a return for such efforts and capital spent by the inventor to develop this invention or product. Consequently, no one but the patent holder may sell this product or any comparable version of it.

Our Experience and Services in the Field of Patent Law

Being acutely aware of the fact that industrial property rights is one of the most important areas in business life, Bozoğlu İzgi team targets to enhance the business value of its clients to make sure that inventions that would achieve such target shall be eligible to sufficient and advanced legal protection. In this respect, we offer consultancy and representation services regarding inventive operations falling within the scope of the Industrial Property Law no. 6769, litigations involving patent rights, patent infringements, patent cancellation lawsuits and unfair competition disputes. We make sure that our clients are duly represented before judicial and administrative bodies in all stages of a dispute, including but not limited to, cancellation litigations, recording of evidence, interlocutory injunction orders and their release regarding inventive operations and patent rights developed and conducted in different industries, including, mainly, pharmaceuticals, pharmacological products, medical devices, machinery, electric appliances and machine parts.

Bozoğlu İzgi is also at the service of its clients in the area of “employee inventions” which are addressed and governed in the Industrial Property Law in miniscule detail, on top of its advisory to its clients for the evaluation of the patentability of new products and inventions, patent registration applications, objection processes, negotiations for and execution of patent-related license and transfer agreements. In addition to consultancy services, representation services are also provided to national and international clients regarding patent infringements and invalidity cases.