Life Sciences

Innovative and original products for human health are developed in the life sciences industry.  Bozoğlu İzgi has a well-founded experience in the life sciences industry.


  • Medical and pharmaceutical law,
  • Medical devices law,
  • Cosmetics law,
  • Food and food supplements law

Our Services Regarding Life Sciences

Bozoğlu İzgi has a proficient and an industry-oriented team in all areas of life sciences. We offer comprehensive legal support for our national and international clients regarding

  • R&D, pre-clinical and clinical researches,
  • Licensing/ permissions, pricing, market access and distribution approvals,
  • Promotional activities,
  • Ethical rules to be observed in relations with healthcare professionals,
  • Patient support programs,
  • Post-marketing product liability,
  • Consumer litigations based on consumer claims regarding the use of products,
  • Advertising and marketing law disputes related to marketing of products with health claims statements,
  • Original drugs and generic drugs,
  • Biosimilar goods,
  • Orphan drugs,
  • Adverse events,
  • Compliance with legislation and ethical rules, anti-trust,
  • Toll manufacturing agreements and all kinds of commercial contracts

Services offered by Bozoğlu İzgi also extend to consultancy services for ethical relations with administrative authorities and regulatory bodies as well as preparation of legal memorandums about draft bills shared by administrative authorities. In addition, we also support our clients in their efforts to design and implement strategies for marketing and protection of their inventions. Bozoğlu İzgi is in cooperation with a wide network of consultants. Therefore, clients are in contact with expert consultants in case they need specialist opinions about product formulation and ingredients.

Legal services offered by Bozoğlu İzgi are not necessarily limited to pharmaceuticals. Products such as food, food supplements, herbal products, cosmetic products and other products that are not licensed medical products but display health-related characteristics are called “borderline products”. We also provide consultancy services for licensing, promotion and marketing of “borderline products” in international markets.

Bozoğlu İzgi soundly blends its sectoral skills regarding life sciences with its anti-corruption experience. We offer legal services to ensure compliance with international anti-corruption treaties, Turkish legislation, other national legislations such as FCPA and UKBA.