IT, Media and E-Commerce

Bozoğlu İzgi enjoys a vast experience in information technologies, media and e-commerce. Bozoğlu İzgi provides legal consultancy to national and international companies active in the areas of information technologies, TV and internet broadcast.

What does Information Technology mean?

Information technologies enable information to be processed in a practical way. Therefore, it serves to transform information into useful service forms for the people. Information technologies can be defined as the general name given to technologies that enable information to be transmitted by processing it elsewhere. Technology and internet have become an integral part of life in the developing world. Today, information technologies is a necessity in almost every industry.

Information technologies help to ensure efficiency and increase competition. With information technologies, product and service development have become more efficient and people-oriented. Additionally, it has benefits such as cost reduction, rapid communication, and facilitating strategic thinking.

Our Services Regarding Information Technologies

Bozoğlu İzgi offers comprehensive legal services to the clients by following recent developments in information technologies law. Bozoğlu İzgi provides legal consultation and representation services to its clients in the following practice areas within the information technologies:

  • Offering legal consultancy services to companies providing goods and services on the internet,
  • Resolving violations on the internet,
  • Providing legal consultancy for agreements related to information technology,
  • Analyzing legal risks,
  • Offering legal consultancy services for electronic signatures and also,
  • To internet content and hosting providers.

What is E-Commerce?

Electronic commerce has emerged as a part of technological developments. With the increase in internet usage, commercial activities have been transferred to the electronic environment and conducted online. Today, most of the production, promotion, sale, distribution and payment transactions of goods and services are carried out on the internet. According to World Trade Organization, e-commerce is defined as “production, distribution, marketing, sale or delivery of goods and services by electronic means.

With the developing technology, consumers see product and service advertisement through digital channels. They research the product on the internet then decide to buy. Then they apply to the internet again for the post purchase services. E-commerce encompasses these new generation trends and consumption patterns.

Our Services Regarding E-Commerce and Media

Bozoğlu İzgi offers legal consultancy services to national and international companies in the fields of e-commerce and media. Bozoğlu İzgi blends its e-commerce legal consultancy services with its experience in Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Law and IT Law. Online operations of cosmetic or direct selling companies must comply with consumer law. Bozoğlu İzgi ensures the compliance of such operations with the legislation.

In this respect, Bozoğlu İzgi offers legal services regarding media and e-commerce including,

  • Offering legal consultancy for sending electronic commercial messages,
  • Providing legal consultancy for the content that service providers share in electronic environment,
  • Supporting our clients in e-commerce industry with consumer relations, relations with business partners and public agencies,
  • Drafting contracts for the production of commercials or promotional videos,
  • Ensuring compliance of such commercials, films, videos or similar visuals with the applicable legislation.