Bozoğlu–İzgi offers an overarching set of legal consultancy services in both handling insurance operations in line with the applicable law and in corporate and commercial law for its national and international clients in the insurance industry. Its services such as determining the risks within the scope of the activities of the relevant client and arranging the appropriate policies to cover these risks are also available for companies that have legal relations with the insurance companies which are counterparties of insurance contracts.
In addition to its consultancy services, Bozoğlu–İzgi represents national and international insurance companies in lawsuits arising from recourse claims and settlement of disputes arisen between the clients and their agencies. Bozoğlu–İzgi also supports its clients with follow-up of the cases and represents them before courts and arbitration panels in case of any disputes with the customers.
Bozoğlu–İzgi’s top priority is to find the most effective, quickest and least costly solution for its clients. In line with this goal, it skilfully represents its clients in case of applications to The Insurance Arbitration Commission to ensure that insurance disputes are settled in the quickest way possible and follow-up the whole process.