Industrial Design and Utility Model

Utility model right is a registered right and it provides monopolistic rights over technical inventions to its owner. Getting a utility model certificate is a less costly and quicker process compared to patent because clients may sidestep inventive step criteria to be eligible for utility model protection. Utility model concerns the technical aspect of products whereas industrial design is related to the appearance of products.
In case a technological product developed by a client is released to the market in an eye-catching and original industrial design, this enhances its marketing success. That’s the reason why companies give priority to their industrial design investments.
Both industrial design and utility models considerably contribute to the marketing of products especially in global markets. Bozoğlu – İzgi is at the service of its local and international clients from various business lines owing to its experience and innovative approach in these areas.
We offer comprehensive legal services, in particular the following, for our local and international clients in the area of industrial design and utility model:

✓ Applications for the registration of industrial design and utility model and post-application follow-up;
✓ Opposition to publications of industrial design and utility model;
✓ Drafting dissenting opinions in oppositions to industrial design and utility model;
✓ Industrial design and utility model renewals;
✓ Lawsuits for the cancellation of industrial designs and utility models;
✓ Litigations arising from an infringement of industrial designs and utility models;
✓ Legal acts concerning industrial designs and utility models (such as license and transfer);
✓ Unfair competition lawsuits.