Food Industry

The food industry has a significant place in the Turkish economy, just like its global peers. It is among the industries subject to strict administrative regulations. A company engaged in food production, importation or exportation is subject to strict rules. Such rules are applied as soon as they step into the market and extend to their operations and protection of their commercial reputation. Bozoğlu İzgi keeps a close eye on legal developments regarding ever-changing food law, which is protected under strict rules. We continuously keep our clients informed about updates. We offer services to protect their interests and to ensure that they do not face any administrative or criminal sanction. We represent our clients before competent bodies in case of a potential dispute. The food codex regulations and applicable legislation are monitored and implemented by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Our Services Regarding Food Industry

Bozoğlu İzgi supports their clients who are food manufacturers, importers or exporters, in all areas that they may need, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • To ensure compliance with rules that should be observed in the manufacture, importation or exportation of food,
  • To guide clients by checking the regulatory compliance of all,
  • Vitamins,
  • Minerals,
  • Additives,
  • Colorants or
  • Any other materials and substances in contact with food substances

that may be added as ingredients throughout the stages of food manufacturing, processing and distribution

  • To check statutory compliance of,
  • All statements,
  • Mandatory or optional notices,
  • Claims that may be used in labelling and promotion of food substances