Execution And Bankruptcy Law

In a debt relation, a claimant may recover its receivable from a defaulting debtor only by the way of foreclosures or compulsory execution powers that are vested in state pursuant to the execution and bankruptcy law.
Bozoğlu – İzgi targets effective, fast, economical and solution-focused services within the interests of clients, in the area of Execution and Bankruptcy Law.
Our services includes: debt collection via forced execution for a claimant failing to collect their claims, monitoring the processes for defending the rights of debtors and consultancy services in these areas.
Bozoğlu – İzgi offers legal services below in other aspects of this area of practice:

✓ Handling the recovery of claims of the creditor clients, procedures to levy attachments over debtor’s assets to collect claims in the most effective way, encashment of the assets of debtors;
✓ Using all legal remedies (stay of execution complaints, suspension of execution proceedings, cancellation of execution, revocation of payment orders etc.) to defend all rights of our debtor clients;
✓ Enforcement of court orders or order-like documents that are claimed throughout the legal processes;
✓ To open negative declaratory actions and actions of restitution;
✓ Encashment of movable and immovable pledged assets;
✓ To initiate execution proceedings for bills of commercial papers to cash all negotiable instruments (checks, promissory notes etc.),
✓ Getting court orders for interlocutory injunction and cautionary attachment;
✓ Representation of clients in their bankruptcy lawsuits and monitoring and completing reorganization process.