Environmental Law & Climate Change

Turkish environmental law which targets to protect the environment in line with sustainable environment and development principles encompasses a great deal of branches of law in it and therefore it is required to take a holistic approach to this matter. As implementation of the applicable legislation may occasionally contradict with the requirements of business life, it is better to get legal consultancy services in advance and to diligently pursue compliance processes due to the significance of potential changes and regulations, in particular, for companies.
Bozoğlu – İzgi offers consultancy works in all matters related to the environmental law and provides comprehensive legal services, including the ones below, for its local and foreign clients in all cases, particularly, in the area of compliance with national and international legislation:

✓ Waste management, waste importation and exportation, waste disposal,
✓ Building production facilities, compliance with environmental laws,
✓ Settlement of potential disputes about Environmental Impact Assessment Report (IEAP)