Electricity and natural gas markets in Turkey have been undergoing a reform era in parallel with global developments due to various factors, such as the rise of sustainable energy concept, ever-increasing need for electricity and strict competition in the market. As a result of these reforms, the sector is now subject to a detailed regulation under the Electricity Market Law, Natural Gas Market Law and the secondary legislations that followed them. The dynamism driven by the changing needs in the sector has also implicated the fact that the said legislation has been the most amended and re-enacted one in Turkey. In this respect, it is critical to keep a close eye on industrial and legal developments to ensure compliance with this elusive legislation.

Owing to its broad experience in the sector, Bozoğlu–İzgi offers comprehensive legal services to its local and international clients in the field of energy and its infrastructure, including the following:

  • Legal consultancy in the project design, license, construction and post-construction stages of electricity generation plants that use various resources such as natural gas, coal, hydropower, wind and solar energy.
  • Legal consultancy on transmission line contracts and project financing;
  • Legal consultancy on electricity supply contracts;
  • Advisory on electricity market regulations and competition law regulations concerning the sector; to provide legal opinions on new draft bills on behalf of its clients and to represent its clients in sector meetings;
  • Legal consultancy on special regulations to address generation plants based on renewable energy resources;
  • Representing its clients before administrative bodies in connection with regulatory operations and to take necessary legal actions against EMRA operations.