Employment and Labour Litigation

What is Labour Law?

It is the branch of law that regulates the relationship between the employee and the employer.

Our Experience in Labor Law

Bozoğlu İzgi’s labor law team is aware of the fact that a successful human resources management relies on a well-designed labour contract, a comprehensive internal by-law and office regulation. Bozoğlu İzgi helps its national and international clients in creating a compatible work environment so as to enhance their success in business life and to reach their strategic goals.

Our Services in Labor Law

By means of its consultancy services in the field of labor law, Bozoğlu İzgi labor law team assures that the strategic steps are taken to prevent any potential dispute that can arise between employee and employer. Bozoğlu İzgi offers effective services in handling the litigation procedures in case disputes that cannot be amicably settled are referred to a court or a mediator.


Bozoğlu İzgi offers comprehensive legal services for its national and international clients in the following matters in Labor Law area:

  • To ensure the compliance of labour contracts, trade secrets and confidentiality agreements with the applicable law,
  • Preparation of all kinds of board of directors’ decisions and operational decisions,
  • To draft board resolutions for workplace changes, closing out departments or positions and process management,
  • Preparation of anti-competition agreements in labour law,
  • Legal counselling in organizational changes and reorganization processes,
  • Consultancy services for compliance with the occupational health and safety matters,
  • Consultancy for work permits for expatriates,
  • Consultancy services for the management of termination process of personal employment and collective bargaining contracts,
  • Consultancy services for the day-to-day questions from Human Resources department,
  • Preparation of the documents such as termination protocols, defense claims, written legal notices,
  • Direct management of amicable settlement process in labour disputes as well as other alternative dispute resolution methods,
  • Monitoring mediation process in case of labour disputes,
  • Litigating any and all lawsuits arising from labour disputes,
  • Litigating and resolving disputes of press members and maritime workers,
  • Litigations related to discrimination and bad faith compensation actions.