Direct Selling

What is Direct Selling?

The direct selling means direct and retail sales of goods and services to customers through direct sellers (regardless of their titles used by the company, including independent sellers, entrepreneurs/members/distributors). In principle, direct selling companies are not involved in any kind of direct legal relationship with customers, which establish a relationship directly through direct sellers. Therefore, the direct selling system is a sales and marketing method that concerns several legal relationships and interests.

Turkish regulations define a direct selling contract as a contract executed outside of workplace, which is regulated under the Consumer Protection Law numbered 6502, since consumers are a party to such contracts. Since contracts executed outside of a workplace are regulated under said law, the direct sales system is also regulated under the CPL as well as under the Regulation on Contracts Executed Outside of Workplace.

Our Experience Regarding Direct Selling

Bozoğlu İzgi has a vast and sophisticated experience in direct selling activities and related legal regulations.

Bozoğlu İzgi offers consultancy services for many national and international clients in the field of direct selling and multi-layer marketing. These services extend to permission procedures, membership contracts, distribution agreements, promotional activities, customs controls and product liability. Relying on its sound experience in this field, Bozoğlu İzgi also supports its clients with their relations with relevant administrative bodies.

Our Services Regarding Direct Selling

Some of the services Bozoğlu İzgi offers in this area are as follows:

  • Assisting in entry to the market,
  • Obtaining/ renewal of the Direct Selling Certificate for Sales conducted outside of workplace,
  • Contract preparation/ drafting (distributor, consumer),
  • Drafting/ reviewing of distance sales contracts and preliminary information forms,
  • Review/ editing of commission schemes,
  • Regulating relations between direct selling company and direct sellers,
  • Tax advisory,
  • Advising on the right to withdrawal, product returns and warranty conditions,
  • Advising on data processing,
  • Review/ editing of marketing brochures.