Data Protection

What is Personal Data?

Personal data means any and all data related to an identifiable or identified real person. The data of persons have become increasingly significant in the digital world. Recent technological developments have exposed “personal data” to brand new dangers. Complying with the regulations in this field have also become an important issue for legal persons. This has raised awareness about certain concepts such as personal data protection, confidentiality and right to be forgotten.

Data Protection Regulations

The Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) was inspired by EU 95/46/EC Directive. PDPL came in force in Turkey on 7 April 2016. Therefore, data protection concept has gained popularity in Turkey. The PDPL is the first code to introduce regulations in Turkey for the protection of personal data specifically.

Our Services and Experiences Regarding Protection of Personal Data

Bozoğlu İzgi monitors the legislations in both Turkey and Europe. We offer consultancy services in line with the PDPL and the secondary legislation derived from it. Personal data must be processed, retained and stored lawfully and safely. Therefore, necessary measures must be taken to protect personal data.

Bozoğlu İzgi offers legal consultation to its clients in the following practice areas regarding protection of personal data:

  • To provide trainings in order for the client company employees to gain a common perspective on data protection
  • To identify personal data flow channels and to make suggestions about the measures that should be taken pursuant to the PDPL
  • To determine processed personal data types, identify purpose of processing and retention times
  • To make recommendations about the necessary changes or arrangements pursuant to the PDPL in respect to the matters in question
  • To draft express consent forms for use in in-house operations where necessary
  • To prepare disclosure texts for use in every single area where personal data theme occurs
  • To draft personal data retention and destruction policy and to work out data inventories pursuant to meetings held with the relevant business units within the client organization
  • To ensure that the clients with an obligation to register are registered with the Data Controllers Registration Information System (“VERBIS”)
  • To maintain consultancy support to the clients to ensure a sustainable compliance with the PDPL and secondary legislation.

Bozoğlu İzgi has vast experience and qualified teams when it comes to Data Protection Compliance Projects. The importance of data protection is increasing day by day. Data protection is very important for all individuals and organizations engaged in data processing in line with technological developments.

With accomplished projects and a considerable pool of knowledge in terms of data transfer to abroad, security of digital data and reference data architectures in compliance with both European and Turkish legislation for IT systems, Bozoğlu İzgi represents and supports its clients in all processes, including full compliance with the personal data protection legislation, sustainable compliance and finding solutions in case of a potential claim or dispute as soon as possible.