What is a Copyright?

Copyrights are the rights granted for creations of human intellect. One of the most important characteristics of copyrights is that copyrights do not require registration in order for it to arise. Copyright arises automatically with the creation of the relevant work. With the effect of rapid developments in technology and the increasing importance given to software and digital works in recent years, processes related to copyright have become increasingly complicated and gained importance.

Our Experience and Services Regarding Copyrights

Bozoğlu İzgi provides its clients from all sectors with consultancy services in disputes concerning copyrights and represents them throughout the mazes of legal procedures in case disputes.

Services in this respect include a far-reaching set of consultancy services such as the pre-dispute transfer of copyrights for a definite or indefinite term, licensing processes, documentation and copyright fees. We also support our clients in their attempt to settle disputes via alternative solution methods or judicial ways following the emergence of a dispute. Bozoğlu İzgi represents its clients especially in complicated contract-negotiation processes regarding transfer of copyrights.