Contract Management

Bozoğlu – İzgi contract management team enjoys a unique experience in drawing and reviewing all kinds of agreements from all sectors. This experience extends to an extensive area, ranging from EPC or electricity sales contracts unique for the energy sector or toll manufacturing and clinical research contracts unique for the pharmaceutical industry to labour contracts, consultancy contracts, service contracts or lease contracts that companies from any business line are in need of.
Bozoğlu-İzgi is aware of the need for fast and reliable legal consultancy services in today’s fast-paced and complex and globalized business life. Contract management team’s top priority is to be accessible as soon as possible and to conduct contractual processes as fast as possible with a solution-oriented mindset. Bozoğlu – İzgi enjoys a service concept that is in harmony with commercial expectations of its clients. Where necessary, it attends meetings and negotiations for contract talks and in addition it also gives support in direct handling of negotiations.
Bozoğlu – İzgi’s goal is to provide reasonable solutions for contractual parties and in order to ensure full compliance of contracts (drafted or reviewed by it) with the legislation.