Contract Management

What is a Contract? Why is it Important?

A contract is a transaction performed by two or more parties to achieve a legal consequence. As per Turkish Code of Obligations, a contract is established upon declaration of the parties’ mutual agreement and consent. However, Article 200 of the Code of Civil Procedure numbered 6100 sets forth a principle called “proving evidence by documentation”. According to the principle, in case of a dispute, all legal transactions that are performed in order to originate, redeem, assign, modify, renew, postpone a right must be proven by documentation if their value at the time they were performed exceeds the determined threshold. Duly signed written contracts are regarded as “legal documents capable of proof by itself” and thereby benefit from the previously mentioned principle.

Contracts are of great importance as they regulate the rights and obligations of the parties and are used as means of proof in case of dispute.

What is Contract Management?

Contract management process covers the drafting, execution, performing and termination processes of contracts. Contract management aims to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization, all while reducing financial risk.

Our Experience Regarding Contract Management

Bozoğlu İzgi contract management team enjoys a unique experience in drafting and reviewing all kinds of agreements from all sectors. This experience covers an extensive area, ranging from EPC or electricity sales contracts unique to the energy sector or toll manufacturing and clinical trial contracts unique to the pharmaceutical industry and labour contracts, consultancy contracts, service contracts or lease contracts that companies from any business line are in need of.

Our Services Regarding Contract Management

Bozoğlu İzgi is aware of the need for fast and reliable legal consultancy services in today’s fast-paced and complex and globalized business life. Contract management team’s top priority is to be always accessible and to finalise contractual processes including negotiation as fast as possible with a solution-oriented mindset. Bozoğlu İzgi enjoys a service concept that is in harmony with commercial expectations of its clients. Where necessary, Bozoğlu İzgi attends meetings and negotiations for contracts and also gives support in direct handling of negotiations, if required.

Bozoğlu İzgi’s goal is to provide reasonable solutions for contractual parties and to ensure full compliance of contracts (whether drafted or reviewed) with the legislation.