Consumer Protection Law

What is Consumer Law?

Consumer Law is a branch of law that aims to protect the consumer in which he/she performs legal transactions with those who provide goods and services.

Our Experience in This Area

Disputes that clients may face in connection with consumer protection are usually complicated and may result in cross-border liabilities. Bozoğlu İzgi provides legal support to its national and international clients in the area of Consumer Law in a manner that extends to legal consultancy and dispute resolution activities.

Bozoğlu İzgi represents its clients as their attorney before Consumer Arbitration Committee and Consumer Courts in case those clients are engaged in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and insurance sectors.

Legal Services We Provide in This Area

Some of the services provided by Bozoğlu İzgi in Consumer Law:

  • Drafting and supervision of contracts for the sales of goods and services as well as similar agreements in line with applicable regulations,
  • Product liability,
  • Guarantee and compensation liability,
  • Management of consumer complaints and claims,
  • Governance of relations with consumers,
  • Ensuring full compliance with the Consumer Act and the entire legislation intended to protect the consumer.