Compliance – Internal Investigation

What is Corruption?

Considering the socioeconomic conditions, political, institutional infrastructure and other factors, corruption can be defined in many ways. The World Bank defines corruption as “use of public office for private gain.” The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP defines corruption as “the misuse of public power office or authority for private benefit – through bribery, extortion, influence peddling, nepotism, fraud, speed money or embezzlement.”

Anti – Corruption

Anti-corruption is one of the most discussed issues globally. Different solutions are sought to combat corruption at national and international levels. Corruption undermines the economic growth and social structure. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent corruption. Due to the detrimental effects of corruption on the economy, consistent and conscious strategies are needed in the fight against corruption.

The Foreign Corruption Practices Act is an integral part of the USA legislation within the field of anti-corruption. The United Kingdom Bribery Act is the corresponding legislation in British Law. Bozoğlu İzgi is well-experienced in these foreign regulations as well as Turkish Criminal Code and international acts ratified by Turkey such as OECD Convention.

What Are White Collar Crimes?

Crime is defined as acts which are contrary to the law. There are multiple factors that make individuals commit a crime. One of those factors is professional experience. White collar crimes can be expressed as crimes that are committed by high-ranking people. White collar crimes inflict significant financial loses and psychological collapse on states, communities, businesses and people. Such crimes are committed by the well-respected professionals.

Our Experiences Regarding White Collar Crimes

Bozoğlu İzgi team is well experienced to organize and manage internal audits in matters such as white collar crimes, the audit of corporate resources and compliance with the legislation. In these areas Bozoğlu İzgi takes advantage of its knowledge derived from criminal suits in regulated markets and its awareness about sectoral dynamics.

Our Services Regarding Compliance and Internal Investigations

The fast and intense pace of business life aggravates legal risks that both companies and their representatives may be exposed. Compliance and white collar crimes represent a threat to the business reputation of companies and their representatives. Besides, internal investigations also pose high risks for the companies. In addition, anti-corruption and compliance with the law are highly delicate matters in the increased international business volume and cooperation.

Bozoğlu İzgi offers target-orientated specialized services in internal investigations and compliance works of the Clients operating in the international arena. Bozoğlu İzgi offers preventive legal counselling in order to

  • Design in-house policies of the clients Manage relations with employees,
  • Prevent unlawful or unethical matters such as corruption, -bribery and conflict of interest.

Additionally, Bozoğlu İzgi offers services to related to

  • Compliance with Anti Bribery Regulations in the UK, USA, European Union and Turkey, and
  • Compliance within the scope of Money Laundering Regulation
  • Corporate governance counseling.