Advertising Law

What is Advertising?

Advertising is the marketing communication carried out in any written, visual, audio and similar ways in order to sell or lease a good or service, to inform or convince the target audience.

Our Services Regarding Advertising Law

Bozoğlu İzgi gives legal support for its national and international clients under the advertising law. We support our clients to enhance the recognition and sales of their products and services. These processes are related to advertisements, lotteries, social media activities. Bozoğlu İzgi aims to ensure that advertising activities of its clients shall be in compliance with the legislation on the basis of the basic principles of the Advertising Law. It includes, in particular, covert advertising, comparative advertising, misleading and deceptive advertising and unfair competition. Bozoğlu İzgi represents its clients in its capacity as their attorney before platforms like Advertising Self-Regulatory Board as well as administrative authorities including the Board of Advertisement.

Bozoğlu İzgi offers legal consultation and representation services to its clients in the following practice areas:

  • Drawing up of advertising and cooperation agreements
  • Protection of copyrights
  • Getting necessary approvals and permissions
  • Relations with actors, agencies and rightful owners and process management

Bozoğlu İzgi also offers legal consultancy services for stakeholders involved at different levels of the process and those clients who organize campaigns, promotions, lotteries, drawings and betting under advertising law.