Administrative Law

What Does Administrative Law Mean?

Administrative law regulates the functioning of the administration and its relations with real and natural persons on the basis of Constitution and aiming to realize the public interest. Administrative law, which is closely related to real and legal persons, also deals with the unlawful acts and actions of the administration.

Our Services Regarding Administrative Law

The compensation of the damages arising from the acts and actions of the administration and the cancellation of the actions are concluded by the administrative judiciary. Bozoğlu İzgi represents its clients in applications regarding administrative regulatory acts that are contrary to law. We offer legal consultancy for individual acts committed by the administration in breach of the law. Within this scope, Bozoğlu İzgi represents its clients in cancellation and full remedy actions before local courts and the Council of State.

In addition, Bozoğlu İzgi offers legal consultancy regarding

  • All actions and litigations related to tax fines and disputes,
  • Disputes and litigations arising from customs laws,
  • Cases related to anti-trust law,
  • Cases for cancellations and objections against administrative fines.

The Relationship Between Life Sciences and Administrative Law

Bozoğlu İzgi blends its sectoral experience in life sciences with its experience in the administrative law. Pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, information and environment laws are tightly regulated by the administration. Bozoğlu İzgi offers legal consultancy services in all administrative disputes and litigations that may arise in these areas and takes an active role in management of tender processes within the scope of Public Tender Act and related regulations. Bozoğlu İzgi,

  • Settles legal disputes that may arise in the course of tenders carried out by the administration.
  • Represents clients before competent administrative and judicial authorities.
  • Offers detailed and highly qualified consultancy services for the tender process.