Family Assets, Inheritance and Real Estate Management

Bozoğlu - İzgi, with its extensive experience in the field of Family Assets, Inheritance and Real Estate Management and a solution-oriented approach, provides services to domestic and foreign clients in dispute resolution and contractual arrangements regarding issues such as management of family assets, testamentary dispositions, sharing of inheritance, inheritance agreements and management, property regimes, alimony obligations, adoption, kinship and paternity, while placing a high degree of sensitivity to the right of privacy.

-Family assets and real estate management,
-Preparation of wills and inheritance contracts,
-Obtaining certificates of inheritance and lawsuits for their annulment,
-Determination and management of inheritance,
-Lawsuits for reduction of inheritance, disclaimer of inheritance and disinheritance cases,
-Appointments of trustees and guardians,
-Lawsuits regarding paternity,
-Preparation of premarital property regime agreements,
-Contested and uncontested divorce cases,
-Preparation of protocols for uncontested divorces,
-Discharge of assets after divorce,
-Establishment of custody and alimony,
-Resolution of disputes arising from breaking off engagements,
-Resolution of disputes caused by adoption.