Anti-Trust Law

With the intention to boost social welfare by securing secure venture freedom and assuring effective resource distribution, the Competition Act no. 4054 was enacted in 1994 in order to block acts and operations that disrupt effective competition conditions of the undertakings and to adopt necessary measures and to implement regulations. The Competition Act is basically intended to prevent any agreements, decisions and practices that may impede, disrupt or restrict the competition in commodity and service markets and to block the abuse by dominant undertakings of their such dominant position and to adopt and introduce necessary regulations and audits in this respect.
Bozoğlu - İzgi anti-trust team represents many national and international clients from diverse sectors in almost all areas of the anti-trust law and offers consultancy services in this area. Some of the services are as follows:

✓ Day-to-day consultancy support,
✓ Filing statements for mergers and acquisitions,
✓ Applications for individual exemption /negative clearance,
✓ Conduct of processes under anti-trust reviews (on-site inspections, preliminary researches and investigations) and representation of clients before the Competition Board,
✓ To offer in-house training courses to ensure full compliance with the anti-trust legislation and to prepare/ issue standard operational procedures, to ensue internal audit and compliance programs;
✓ To support our clients in regulated markets in order to ensure compliance of their operations with the applicable laws and regulations.